Who’s who?

Pumicelands District Staff

Steve Webb (839x1024) (524x640)Steve Webb
Principal Rural Fire Officer

Bob Boardman (951x1024) (594x640)Bob Boardman
Operations Coordinator and Deputy PRFO

Alexis LewGor (607x640)Alexis LewGor
Business Services Coordinator

Amor Tokona
Business Services Coordinator

Pumicelands District DPRFOs

Moana Zone – Western Bay of Plenty

Don Scott
FENZ Moana Zone (Tauranga)
Located at Tauranga Fire Station

Eastern Zone – Whakatane, Raukumara & Urewera Sector

Tony Gillard
FENZ Whakatane and Urewera Sector Manager and Deputy PRFO
Located at Whakatane Fire Station

Eastern Zone –  Opotiki Sector

Paul Hunter
Opotiki Sector Manager (in Eastern Zone)
Located at DoC office, Opotiki

Tokoroa Zone

Ian Wellings
FENZ Tokoroa South Waikato Zone Manager and Deputy PRFO
Located at South Waikato DC.

Taupo Zone – Taupo, Tongariro & Kaimanawa Sector

Roger Nelson
FENZ Taupo Zone Manager and Deputy PRFO
Located at Taupo Fire Station

Jarron McInnesRotorua Zone – Rotorua  Sector

Jarron McInnes
FENZ Rotorua Zone Manager and Deputy PRFO
Located at Rotorua Fire Station

Taupo, Tongariro & Kaimanawa Sector

Glen Johns
FENZ Taupo Zone Manager and Deputy PRFO
Located at Taupo Fire Station

Fiona Hennessey
Deputy Principal Rural Fire Officer

Forestry Stakeholders

Rotorua Zone –  Kinleith Sector

Peter Wakeling
Kinleith Forest Sector Manager (in Rotorua Zone)
Located at Hancocks Forest Managers (Taumata) Ltd. (Tokoroa)

Rotorua  Zone – Northern Plateau Sector

Ross Fisher
Hancock Forest Management (Tiaki) Ltd
Manager of Northern Sector of Plateau Forestry Zone – includes Tarawera, Matahina, Rotoiti and Omataroa Forests etc.

Eastern Zone

Rob Schoonderwoerd
Rayonier Forests Sector Manager (in Eastern Zone)

Rotorua  Zone – CNI

Keith Davenport
PF Olsen Ltd
Manager of Central North Island Forests

Rotorua Zone – Central Plateau  Sector

Evan Rarere
Central Plateau Sector Manager
Located at Timberlands Ltd. (Rotorua)

Taupo  Zone – Southern Plateau Sector

Colin Dunstan
Southern Plateau Sector Manager (in Taupo Zone)
Located at NZ Forest Managers Ltd. (Turangi)

Moana Zone – Matakana Island

Steve Riddall
Port Blakely (Matakana Island)

Pumicelands District is continuing to monitor the very dry weather conditions and the impact it has on issuing Fire Permits. All new permits received will be placed ON HOLD until further notice and sufficient rain has alleviated conditions.