Google My Business Adds New Post Types And More!

With Google My Business offering new post kinds and more, search engine optimisation is a big topic these days! This week in search: all you need to know about SEO’s progress.

Google My Business has introduced new tools that will change the way you manage your company’s web presence. Among the updates include, but are not limited to:

Introducing a Post Type for Restaurants and Bars, allowing them to have their own category in search results; this is fantastic news because restaurants often rank higher than other types of businesses on SERPs!

Google My Business Has Introduced Two New Post Categories

Google revealed a few weeks ago that they are expanding their business platform with new capabilities. One of the major enhancements is the creation of GMB posts for firms advertising in “Google My Business.” To develop this type of material, you’ll need an established account and access to all prior customer messages; nonetheless, if this seems like something your firm needs, don’t put it off too long!

Providing an excellent client experience has become vital to competitive success. You can use web marketing to create traffic and sales for almost any product or service that people are seeking for! Offer posts on Google will make this possible; they are simple enough that anyone can do them (no coding required). You only need one thing: an offer post title that includes all important facts such as start/end dates and times, as well as what they are offering, such as bargains from local businesses.

A pizza business, for example, may promote 20% off large pizzas for the week. Product posts are a wonderful method to communicate with customers and offer specials on everyday things like phones or computers!

The Agency Dashboard has been officially launched by Google.

The Google My Business Agency Dashboard is now available! The new platform enables marketing firms and local SEO companies to manage listings from a single, simple dashboard. Here are a few highlights:

1) Create a login for yourself or your complete team so you can see reports on all of their projects at the same time.

2) View statistics such as monthly visits, the number of reviews written by clients they’ve worked with over time (what better indicator than this? ), and open rates from email campaigns sent out earlier today – everything is right there waiting for YOU when you log in with YOUR Gmail address, which means less typing for anyone involved because everyone wins);

3). Thanks to this feature, you may create several types of client segments in seconds.

Google Sheets now has a new Google AdWords add-on

The new Google AdWords tool is free to download and will assist marketers in creating personalised reports based on data from one or more accounts. The Sheets add-on has been released with the goal of easing a user’s reporting process for Ads users!

Marketers may select which columns to include in their reports and even refresh the report to include the most recent adwords data.

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