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A large portion of Pumicelands’s website inquiries originate from potential customers looking for a local business. The number of visitors we convert who found us by typing phrases like ‘search engine optimisation Parnell’ or ‘Google Auckland’ into search engines. This post will provide guidance on how to optimise and techniques that should result in more sales!

Listing on Google Places

The first and most obvious step is to finish your Google Places listing. “Google locations” is now a major feature in many people’s searches for local companies, particularly those who are looking at the SERP – or spotty results page – near them on their computer screen when completing these types of queries:

Auckland Search Engine Optimisation

For years, people have made a fortune by selling their Google Places listings, but it’s crucial to note that if you’re going to list your business with them. Make sure that everything about the company (including the name and address) is as accurate as possible so that they can begin earning client trust straight away!

To avoid making mistakes while setting up an account or altering information later on after joining up, spend some time now establishing a profile. Go ahead and fill up all of the appropriate data fields, then save—this way, the next thing I do during

You can easily complete your Places listing… However, if you are a client of ours, we will do it as normal. Once your company’s listing is up to date and all factual information has been supplied by satisfied consumers into their evaluations section, ask them to rate/review it! Lots of excellent comments from legitimate sources will also help rank – just make sure they aren’t ALL done by you…you’ll be discovered 😉

Meta Data (Meta Title Tag)

The next step is to review your Meta Data. Specifically, the titles of each post and page on your site so that Google’s algorithm (which is regularly changed) can easily identify them.

To ensure that all posts are rated similarly and that people do not spam their social media sites or blogs with low-quality content, use a service like TrustPilot, which displays the highest-ranking reviews first when someone searches online.

The word Auckland appears in our title tag. We want to rank for terms like ‘search engine optimisation Auckland,’ thus if we don’t include that term in the title of our blog posts, we will be at a disadvantage when rating pages with similar content that includes references of that place.

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