The Case Of The Missing Gmb Listings Short Names Causing Suspensions And More

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Gmb Listings Suspensions Are Caused By Short Names, Among Other Things

Google My Business users who want to create customised short names for their GMB listings have been pleased with the new feature, which replaced’s URL Shortener tool closure last year (Google Link); however, it appears Google is not fully utilising this option yet, as some business owners have found themselves suspended due to misspelling their url.

Recently, there have been some rather serious rumours circulating that the function is having serious consequences for firms that use it. We decided to look into it and see what type of harm it would cause in an already troubled business like e-commerce.

Customers were experiencing concerns with orders being delayed or cancelled entirely, which was concerning. To aggravate matters? These issues appear to be caused not only by newly introduced features, but also by issues that existed previously, such as when customer reviews first became available in 2003 (wow!). So we’re left wondering if all those years—years during which sellers worked their hardest merely to stay afloat against larger competitors who appeared to be more strong than ever before—were abruptly undone.

What exactly is a short URL?

Short names and URLs are easy-to-remember business profiles that can assist your GMB listing in being accessible easily through the Google My Business platform. They mean that buyers may find you in marketing materials by giving out their URL.

Google has created a help centre page to assist businesses in implementing these short URLs. This also indicates that they will be permanent, rather than a temporary or Beta feature. When the function first became available, there were numerous instances of people being unable to access it, despite Google claiming that certified GMB users could use it straight away- an unusual hitch in what should have been smooth sailing!

What Happens to Businesses That Use Short URLs?

Since its rollout, it appears that this function has had an unexpected start, with business owners reporting that their actual listings have been suspended and removed from SERPs. Joe Youngblood has been keeping everyone updated on the issue on Twitter, and one thing is certain: changing a company’s short name will return them to number one!

There are many firms that have not been affected; for example, one SEO consultant named Michael Friedman stated on the Facebook page ‘SEO Signals Lab’ that only two out of a dozen clients had been suspended. When it came down to quality, the companies it touched were 100 percent real, had no spam, and had no noticeable variations from his other listings. PSA for Local Search: I’m not sure how true this is because I can’t test them, but there seems to be an unending quantity of people that say it’s coincidence.

The truth is that eliminating short URLs restores listings in a matter of minutes. This has been a problem for businesses across all platforms, and it should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following this closely—after all, there are flaws in Google features as well! How did they come up with such implications? Well… When searching for specific keywords (or variations thereof) immediately followed by “http://” or “https://,” your search results will show both an organic listing AND spammy backlinks from sites that added extra information into their text snippets—essentially ruining any chance you have of getting found organically through legitimate sandboxing.

What’s the deal with Google SERPs? If you’ve experienced any strange behaviour or have been suspended since creating a short name and URL, we can assist you. Although removing the short names would restore your site from lockdown mode—and restore it quickly—removing them from Google My Business may have unforeseen consequences for how effectively they appear in search results for years to come!

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